Entry #5: Finishing Touches

Well, I think I’m about ready to publish this thing for you guys to check out. It’s short and small, but it’s also only one scene that I’ve gotten done. So don’t expect too much from it. There are some choices and such there that you guys might like. There are some problems that are still being worked out, but for the most part, it works as intended and I’m going to be moving onto the next scene. Once I have the entire thing finished, I’ll be publishing it as version 1, but I will be going back through to fine tune and polish the adventure. I’ll be publishing what I’ve got so far here shortly, so stay tuned!

Entry #4: Tiny Little Annoyances

Well, I was hoping to get the scene finished tonight, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I keep running into some tiny little annoyances with the triggers working one minute and not working the next among other small things. I have made some progress on it though, so it hasn’t been a total loss. I would say that it’s about 97% finished and I can move on to scene two. Whenever I get this thing finished, I’ll post the first scene for everyone. I can use the feedback since this will be my first attempt at using this editor and getting use to how it works.

Entry #2: Level Editor

Well, I decided to take a break from the game and mess around with the level editor. I’ve made some progress on learning to use it and make things work the way that I want. It’s slow going while I work on this, still working on the starting scene to get everything just the way I want it to work. I’m starting on making the run Supernova published by FASA in the First Run sourcebook. I’ve figured out the triggers, goals, adding characters, making a phone conversation and making searchable stuff. Right now I’m working on how to use a trigger to swap out props. There’s already some user made runs on the Steam Workshop that you should check out as well as some pretty awesome custom props and such.