Shadowrun Fifth Edition Portraits

Title: Shadowrun Fifth Edition Portraits
Author: Daemon
Date Created: August 16, 2013
Version: 1.0.0
Category: Character Portraits
Used Material: Shadowrun: Fifth Edition
Download Link: [Link]
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These are various character portraits that I have found in the Shadowrun Fifth Edition core rulebook. These include the pregenerated characters as well as various other characters found within the pages of the sourcebook. These are free to be used by anyone for their modules as long as credit is given. There are a total of 64 portraits in this pack.


Portrait Thumbnails


Blog Entry #10: Portraits Gallore!

I’ve gotten some character portraits made from the artwork in the Shadowrun Fifth Edition sourcebook. I’ve already uploaded them on the Steam Workshop and on ModNexus. I’ll be adding them here as well shortly.

A Call for Assistance

I’m looking for some custom character portraits that I can use with my adventures. I really would love to have some customized portraits for the NPCs in the official shadowrun adventure books, but original character portraits are welcome as well. So if you have any art skills and would like to contribute, please send them via the submit form. I will give full credit to anyone whose portraits that I use. Thanks in advance and I hope to see some portraits I can use. Please only send your own work and not the works of others that you’ve found on Google Images or something.