Debug Room

Debug Room by Daemon
Title: Debug Room
Author: Daemon
Date Created: July 30, 2013
Last Updated: August 5, 2013
Version: 1.0.3a
Category: Original Creation
Download Link: [Link]
Mirror Link 1: [Link]
Mirror Link 2: [Link]


This room is used to create characters that are used to test the higher end game stuff without needing to have gone through a full adventure or you can import a character of your own to modify. This room offers you nuyen, karma and equipment.

Change Log:

v1.0.1 – July 31, 2013

– Added a section for spells for Adept, Mage and Shaman

v1.0.1a – July 31, 2013

– Uploaded an image for the Debug Room module.

v1.0.2 – August 2, 2013

– Added a save reminder at the close of conversation.
– Added the Universal Omnitech Cyberlegs to the cyberware shop.

v1.0.3 – August 5, 2013

– Added a combat room to test character’s builds.

v1.0.3a – August 5, 2013

– Fixed an issue with the Test Room teleporter sending players back to the main room.


Debug Room 

Entry #6: Debug Room

I created a debug room to create a character above the normal starting stats. It also allows you to add nuyen, karma and equipment of your choice. I haven’t tested it fully yet, but if it fucks up your save, it’s not my fault. Use this at your own risk. You have been warned. I’ll be posting it in a bit.

I also noticed that I reached over 1,000 visits to this site. Thank you all for your help!