Entry #3: First Scene Progress

I have worked hard on learning the editor program and figuring out how everything works. A lot of this progress is slow due to a lot of trial and error. Also, aligning things up so that they look right is another time-consuming effort. Overall though, I really enjoy the editor. It’s a lot easier than I thought it was going to be and I’m already almost finished with the first scene of the adventure. I’ve just got two more conversations to write out and then some fine tweaking and decorating. Once I’ve got everything setup and the first scene is finished, I’ll upload what I’ve gotten done so you guys can all take a look and give your feed back. I can use the comments especially when it comes to keeping with canon and the theme of the Shadowrun material. If I keep going on the same pace that I’m on now, I should have the first scene finished tomorrow (tonight since it’s after midnight) and once it’s done, I’ll get it posted.


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